What is primary memory? | What is RAM? | What is ROM?


 Primary Memory

This is  main memory of the computer. Data This memory is stored in the data temporarily. Since this memory is expensive, its size is more limited than secondary memory. Devices used to store primary memory are called "primary storage devices". This memory holds the much lesser amounts of data that that is of immediate need. The data access speed is faster in Primary memory or in Primary Storage devices, as there is the involvement of electricity.

       Types of Primary Memory : -

                                     a.) RAM - Random Access Memory

                                     b.) ROM - Read Only Memory

     RAM - Random Access Memory-

                     It is a kind of primary or primary memory which is also a temporary memory. It is installed in the form of chips on the motherboard and links directly to the processor. When the computer loses power, all the data in this memory is washed away, so it is marked as unstable memory.
                  This memory is also known as read or writer memory, as we can read and write data in this type of memory, users or computer operators can read and write in this memory hence it is also known as "user memory".


  ROM - Read Only Memory-

              This Memory we called BIOS (Basic Input Output System). It’s a kind of primary or main memory, so it’s also a quick memory. It is Permanent memory, data or information remains permanent.




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