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What Is Memory ?

=> Memory is a where we can store the data Temporary and Permanently We call it memory.

Computer memory is a device that is used to store information for immediate use in computers or related computer hardware and digital electronic devices. The term memory is often synonymous with primary storage or principal memory. The archeology of memory is synonymous.

       Memory is Two types :-

                      a.) Primary Memory.
                      b.) Secondary Memory. 

Primary Memory



What Is Primary Memory ? 

=> This are such types of Memory where data can be store Temporary  . After switch off the system we can't get back the data its call Primary Memory.

    An example of primary memory  RAM and ROM.

Secondary Memory

What Is Secondary Memory ?

=> This are such types of Memory where data can be store Permanently. After switch off the system we can get back the data its call Secondary Memory.  

An example of primary memory Hard disk , Pend rive , SD card etc.

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