What Is Booting Process Of Computer ? What Is Booting ? Computer Hardware.



What is booting ?

 Booting is a process thru which the System files (OS files) copy from Secondary memory to Primary memory  (HDD to RAM) this process is Booting Process.

Windows 7 Booting style

Windows xp Booting style

Windows 10 , 8,8.1 Booting

Types Of Booting -

             Booting is Two types-

                             a.) Cold Booting (Soft Booting) -

   => Restart the system by Pressing alt+Ctrl+Delete key and press Reset switch this process is Cold Booting (Soft Booting).

                        b.)Warm Booting (Hard Booting) -

=> Restart the system by pressing Esc key and Power Switch this process is Warm Booting (Hard Booting).

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