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BGMI APK + OBB Free Download 2.5.0 New Latest Update Version

Hello Guys, our topic today is about BGMI MOD apk Download Latest Version (Battlegrounds Mobile India)Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) mod apk free download and stay tuned to the end of this page for more details.

Overview of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI MOD apk)

BGMI is a popular mobile game in the world and in India BGMI MOD APK With this game you can play in the same team with your squad and friends. Below is more description about Battleground Mobile India, please read them.

Bgmi MOD Apk
BGMI 2.7
Game Developer Krafton, Inc
Category Game
Game Version v2.7.0
Game Size 81 MB & 792 MB
MOD Yes (Auto Headshot + UC) 
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BGMI MOD apk Free Download 1.7.0 New Update Version No Ban

BGMI MOD apk Free Download 1.7.0 New Update Version No Ban

Bgmi MOD Apk
BGMI MOD apk New


What is BGMI MOD apk?

BGMI is an alternative name for PUBG Mobile Game which is personally made for India. The main reason for the personalization of India is that at one time (a few days ago) India Ocean caused a huge dispute over the border between the two countries which resulted in huge losses to India. And just a few days later, the government of India banned PUBG mobile game or TikTok and many other Chinese companies, the application software of the Chinese government. But those who used to play this PUBG game in India (PUBG players) could not accept that banning PUBG mobile game has resulted in many complaints to the government, so the Indian government decided that PUBG mobile should be brought back to India. Shortly afterwards, the Government of India and PUBG Mobile Company, under an agreement, re-launched the PUBG mobile game in India on the Indian Play Store under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). BGMI also has features that were or are in PUBG Mobile.

Bgmi MOD Apk
BGMI MOD Apk 2.7

Features of  BGMI MOD apk New Latest Version.

There are many amazing features in BGMI MOD APK. BGMI mod apk If you have installed on your mobile then you will always be the winner because mod apk is the hack version you can track everything in the game.

You can reach high level in a very short time by installing BGMI MOD apk. Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod APK Download includes Unlimited UC and Unlimited Silver Hack which you can use to get various titles including car skin, gun color, different emoji, parachute color, airplane screen. If you don't know about this game or haven't played it then you must play this Battlegrounds Mobile India mod apk game. battleground mobile India This game has been identified as the best number one game in 2021 or has got a place in the Google Play Store.

BGMI MOD apk Download v2.2.0 New Update Version No Ban - Unlimited UC
New Map in BGMI MOD apk

Nusa Map and All Features Of Nusa Map

There is a new interesting map in PUBG Mobile / BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) called Nusa this map is one kilometer by one kilometer in length and width. To know all the details of Nusa map, read this paragraph carefully or watch the video below.

Nusa Map Features In BGMI

Various Interesting Places and Features of Nusa Map

★ Super Recall ★

If you battle or gameplay on this map and get killed within 1 to 4 minutes after landing on the field, you will be automatically recalled without any Recall Machine . This is called automatic re-battle. Super recall. These features will only work on Nusa map.

★ Crystal Bay ★

Crystal Bay is a place on the map where there is a secret cave with a secret key to enter the cave that you need to find and unlock the cave door with that key and many people in the cave as well as grenades and everything.

★ Zipline ★

You can find these Zip lines almost everywhere in the Nusa map which allows you to get from one place to another very easily and very quickly without the need for a car vehicle.

★ Bulan Bay ★

Bulan Bay is a place located in Nusa map, this place has a Swimming pool or pool which automatically boosts when you get down, just like the pool in our Livik map, it is just Bulan Bay in Nusa map.

★ NS 2000 New Gun In PUBG / BGMI ★

NS 2000 is a powerful PUBG / BGMI game new Gun, this gun has very low recoil. This is a close range shirt collateral damage to this dude, normal short range ammo is used at 12 Goag  the same ammo will work for this gun.

NS 2000 New Gun In BGMI

★ Elevator / Lift ★

The meaning of the word Elevator You all may know that this is called Lift in Normal language, the biggest question is where to find the elevator or where to see it? Elevator We can see this elevator in all the cities in the Nusa map that have 7-8 Floor big buildings. To use the elevator, first you have to enter the elevator and then the option will come as to how many floors you want to go to, you touch the number then you will be automatically taken to that floor.

★ Tactical Crossbow ★

How to use Tactical Crossbow? It has two types of bold, one is Normal bold and another is fiery bold, the option you select for example if you select fiery bold and use it then the location where you run it will be on fire, if you run it in a small room then that And if the house catches fiery  an enemy stays in that room, it will be a direct kill without any knock down.

Tactical Crossbow In PUBG / BGMI

★ Pink Beach ★

Pink Beach is a new place on the Nusa map as you know it is by the sea. In this pink beach place you will see amazing beautiful Scenery, fountains, Merry-Go-Round (Nagardolas) and big size Gas Balloons. This is the most beautiful place on the Nusa Map.

★ Others ★

This app has more interesting places which you will not see if you don't download so without wasting time definitely download this game and enjoy it.

Among the features we will see in BGMI Mode APK are:

  • auto head shot
  • No Recoil
  • Unlimited Everything
  • No damages
  • unlimited gun
  • unlimited health
  • location tracking
  • logo Bypass
  • Activate ESP


  • ESP box
  • ESP Line
  • ESP Player name
  • ESP 360⁰
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India mod APK has many more features that you will see after installing this game. Download BGMI mod apk + OBB for free by clicking on the download-button or download link. Download and install Battlegrounds Mobile India mod apk on your mobile.

BGMI MOD apk Free Download 1.7.0 New Update Version No Ban

How to Download BGMI mod apk?

To download BGMI mod apk for free, click on the download button below and wait for 45 seconds then the Battlegrounds Mobile India game will be automatically downloaded to your mobile.

Installation Guide BGMI mod apk? 

Follow the steps below to properly install Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK on your mobile. -

  • Step 1 - Download the BGMI mod.apk + OBB file by clicking on the download link provided by us.

  • Step 3 - Copy the BGMI mod hack obb file downloaded from our website to Android => obb => com.pubg and paste it in this folder.

  • Step 4 - Then install and open the Battlegrounds Mobile India Mode APK file downloaded from our website.
  • Step 5 - All the process of installing your BattleGround Mobile Hack Version India Mode APK has been completed. Now play BGMI and enjoy.

BGMI MOD apk Download v2.2.0 New Update Version No Ban - Unlimited UC

Notes - If there are any problems or queries while installing and downloading the Battlegrounds Mobile India game, please comment us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

★ Important Nots For Update - 2..5 Update All the new features and events that came in the update will not be available in BGMI because BGMI game Indian version has been banned from play store, so no updates from the developer and organization. 2..5 update is available for all versions other than BGMI only like PUBG MIBILE, PUBG MIBILE KR etc. So if you want to download other version? You can easily click on Download button above and below on our website. By downloading You can download and play it by installing it on your mobile.

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