Technology Boon or Bane


 Technology Boon Or Bane

That is Technology Boon ? 

What Is Technology Bane?

technology boon or bane

Technology : A Boon

Technology is a boon to mankind if used appropriately. Technology can save our time. Now a days, all banking activities can be done just by our smart phones. 
technology boon or bane

Also, it helps in making interactions with our distinct friends. Mobile phone is our portable telephone directory. Technology can be used as a Source Of entertainment. It Has made our lives easier.

Online Education 

technology boon or bane

Now a days, Online education is also gaining pace and Technology is playing vital role in spreading this type of education to all the corners of the world. Educational site and apps are very useful for children.

Technology: A Bane

If we are over dependent on technology, then it transforms into a bane. We are getting addicted to inventions of technology and becoming lazy. It also creates unnecessary stress and tension.
technology boon or bane

Cyber Crimes

Some people misuse the asset of technology and carry out cyber crimes. It involves hacking accounts, server and stealing money in large amounts.
technology boon or bane


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